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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's possible, I have an addiction....

Okay, I think I can say this aloud, "I am addicted to.... facebook." There I said it. I wonder if I will start the healing process now. I have found so so many friends from the past this year! I love it! I can keep in contact with people I haven't seen in over 20 years including a high school church camp friend, an elementary friend who moved away, high school friends, college friends, tropical musicians, and even someone from spring break in college! Its crazy! I love seeing photos of friends who live far away, photos of their children, and even old photos of when we were young. I am obsessed with looking at the status updates. Why am I consumed with knowing what everyone else is doing right now? It almost like a contest to come up with 'witty' statements on your status. They always make me smile. I love the idea that Craig started his 2009 year by signing up for his own Facebook page. I think he got tired of listening to me talk about it over and over. Yeah craig! I love facebook. I can't help it! (Join: add me!! I want to know you are doing too!!!)

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